Our Materials


Mainly I work with silver, a noble white metal,

that after gold is the most malleable metal, what I use is an excellent silver, it does not contain nickel and does not cause allergies.

For some pieces I prefer it not too polished with a more irregular appearance, for others instead the shiny surface I need to highlight, hand typing or drawings.

Over time, silver becomes more beautiful, lived-in, it almost seems that it gradually adapts to the wearer.

Naga has a 925 silver authenticity mark: CA281.


For some time now I have also been using recycled aluminum, another light, hypoallergenic white metal, excellent for making large objects that do not weigh and that I can sell at a lower price.


The semi-precious stones present in the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, are semiprecious: aquamarine, amethyst, agate, labradorite, lapis lazuli, quartz and many others.

They are a magnificent gift from nature, their light, colors, or sometimes those impurities that make them more intriguing, less obvious, used as ornaments for a long time, still making their charm and energy today.


I really like the nobility of pearls, with their classic elegance and that wonderful reflection that gives roundness, softness. The pearls of my jewels are good quality freshwater pearls, with many different shades of color.


Silk with its finesse, lightness, softness, which is pleasing to the touch, is my favorite ally, with its sheen and shades of color it is capable of interrupting the monotony of the stones and enriches at the same time. With silk I make finished, crumpled, beautiful ribbons of many colors that I insert in necklaces or that by themselves are excellent solutions for hanging pendants, for bracelets, for hair clips.

The silk I use is recycled as well as the aluminum and also the glass, these are choices I made out of respect for the environment.

Sometimes I also use other materials, shell beads, Santa Lucia eyes, crystals, which in terms of colors and textures inspire me at that moment.